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Sanborn Canoe Company

by David Mitchell on September 3, 2015


This week we started installing a clients’ house on Gibson Island.  We wanted the house to have a modern lodge look. So we chose to use a series of decorative paddles from the Sanborn Canoe Company as art in the great room.

When cousins Todd Randall and Zak Fellman turned their summer hobby of handcrafting kayak, canoe, and stand paddles into one of the most celebrated and sought after heritage brands, their craftsmanship and dedication made their paddles collectors items all over the world from watermen to loft  dwellers. They learned about woodworking from their grandfather as well as from their summers spent in canoe country in Minnesota. Their paddles are constructed from strips of wood made of cherry, ash, cedar and black walnut. Their Artisan series paddles feature colorful patterns of arrows, crosses and stripes that have been influenced by Native American art and camp lodges from the Great Lakes region. Each paddle is a functional piece of art. So the next time you are in their neck of the woods head down Little Trout Valley Road and check out their workshop. It’s worth the trip, and they’re really nice guys.



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by David Mitchell on July 18, 2014


The word of the summer, it’s all about looking good, living well…effortlessly!



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A Little Summer Luxe

by David Mitchell on July 18, 2014

LuxeCheck out the summer edition of LUXE magazine. We have a wonderful house in Great Falls, VA featured in the editorial part




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Summer in the Garden

by David Mitchell on July 12, 2014



July is one of my favorite months! It is when everything in my all white garden begins to truly bloom. This year I added 115 white daylilies, 50 dahlias and 2 new crepe myrtle trees. It is also my first year of doing a cooks garden which has turned out to be very successful. I think I am becoming an urban farmer.




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Go Team

by David Mitchell on July 12, 2014

Go Team





How fun is this…classic American brand, Dockers, now has college team Chinos with embroidered logos above the right back pocket and the team motto printed on the waist band. It’s a great way to show your school spirit! And they are damn cute too!





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Home Sweet Home

by David Mitchell on June 27, 2014

Home & DesignHey, look! My house is on the cover of Home and Design Magazine….

HD1 HD2 HD3 HD4 HD6 HD7 HD9 HD10 HD11 HD12 HD13




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Chihuly’s World

by David Mitchell on June 27, 2014


If you ever find yourself out on the left coast and you are anywhere near Seattle you should make a special trip into the city and visit Dale Chihuly’s, Garden and Glass exhibition. It is a remarkable display of history, influence and technique. It’s worth every penny of the $22 admission. Here are just a few, and I mean few of the pieces you will see and experience.

1CH22CH323CH45CH56CH6 7CH38 8CH8 8CH47 21CH18 22CH50 23CH44 24CH16 25CH17 26CH51 27CH20 28CH52 29Chihuly2-768x1024 30CH13 31CH14 32CH15 33CH40 34CH26 35CH24 35CH57 36CH60 37CH1 38CH27 39CH28 40CH29 41CH30 42CH56



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Sleepless in Seattle

by David Mitchell on June 20, 2014

SEATTLE2Last week Elizabeth and I headed out to the Left Coast to work on a super secretive project, more to be revealed later. We spent a great deal of time in both Portland and Seattle and everywhere in between and now we have a hundred things to tell you about over the summer. So, lets start with a little bit about Seattle. It is a city full of modern buildings and modern attitudes. Like most new metropolises there is a lot of gray, tan, glass and some black in all the modern structures. It was quit a surprise to come across Frank Gehry’s amazing, colorful 140,000 square foot EMP Museum dedicated to contemporary popular culture. The building houses multiple galleries, the sky church, the largest indoor LED screen, interactive activities, the Sound Lab and the largest collection in the world of rare artifacts, handwritten lyrics and personal images celebrating the music and history of Seattle musicians, Nirvana and Jimmi Hendrix. It was an amazing structure to see in person. If you are ever in the Pacific Northwest, PNW to those who know, definitely go experience this structure for yourself.

1Seattle18 2Seatlle7 3Seattle19 5Seattle14 4Seattle20 6Seattle13 7Seattle17 8Seatlle5 9Seatlle6 10Seattle10 11Seattle11 12Seattle12 13Seatlle4 14Seatlle8 15Seattle9 16Seatlle2 17Seatlle3 18Seatlle1



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What a Week!

by David Mitchell on May 11, 2014

What a Week

My weeks are always busy but this week was busier than ever. Sometimes I can not believe all I have to get done in a week…It all started with…


Planting seven new hydrangea bushes in my garden


Then a whole house installation where everything is black, cream and gold. It looks amazing!


I finally found a brown crocodile watch band


Just by chance I stumbled across the perfect rug for a clients master bedroom


Then my week was full of finding things for my clients like this beautiful antique table


And then I had to get a hair cut


Then these beautiful glass vases arrived from an artist we commissioned


Then I found a perfect accessory for a client


There is always time for a little midnight online shopping


Discovered a new artist


Found a new Tumblr page


Dinner at the bar Mourayo with Elizabeth


Found some cool leather chairs that were even on sale


And ended the week with a photo shoot at my house…what a week!


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American Hipster Presents

by David Mitchell on April 25, 2014


I stumbled across this the other day and watched a couple of the videos, pretty amazing! So, I thought I would share it with you. Check out American Hipster Presents, a documentary series of videos of people making a difference in 10 different cities across the US.