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The Beauty of Everyday Objects

by David Mitchell on March 18, 2014


Lately I have been on this kick that everything should be beautiful, even the most utilitarian objects that you use. So, when I discovered that my household scissors had become dull I decided to treat myself to a pair of the most beautiful scissors in the world. The Parveen scissors are made of hand forged carbonized steel and the handles are cast brass and these heirloom scissors are 9” long. They are all handmade in India by a family that has been making them for generations. So, the next time I am wrapping a gift at home I get to do it with my beautiful new scissors. It just seems like the time that everyday objects should be beautiful.

Parveen_Scissors-2 Parveen_Scissors-4 Parveen_Scissors-6 Parveen-Rupalee-Scissors-4 scissors_2_1024x1024

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