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Hey, Mickey!

by David Mitchell on September 9, 2012

For some crazy reason I have been thinking about buying a vintage Mickey Mouse watch. Maybe it is because all my buddies have been sporting vintage Rolexes with striped grosgrain watchbands. I am sort of dying for something a little anti-establishment. I think a vintage Mickey Mouse watch would do the trick.

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Beth September 10, 2012 at 9:33 am

Ha! So fun. My sister has worked for Disney for 15 or so years and has given my mother all manner of Mickey watches over the years. I too have one buried somewhere in my jewelry box. While they probably don't qualify as "vintage" at 15 years old, and not nearly as cool as the one in your photos, I think it's cool to be dressed all to the nines, or in a business suit and be sporting a Mickey watch. It tells people you have a sense of humor. Go for it! Between that and the animal-handle umbrella you definitely have a touch of whimsy in you heart.


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