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Chihuly’s World

by David Mitchell on June 27, 2014


If you ever find yourself out on the left coast and you are anywhere near Seattle you should make a special trip into the city and visit Dale Chihuly’s, Garden and Glass exhibition. It is a remarkable display of history, influence and technique. It’s worth every penny of the $22 admission. Here are just a few, and I mean few of the pieces you will see and experience.

1CH22CH323CH45CH56CH6 7CH38 8CH8 8CH47 21CH18 22CH50 23CH44 24CH16 25CH17 26CH51 27CH20 28CH52 29Chihuly2-768x1024 30CH13 31CH14 32CH15 33CH40 34CH26 35CH24 35CH57 36CH60 37CH1 38CH27 39CH28 40CH29 41CH30 42CH56


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