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Sleepless in Seattle

by David Mitchell on June 20, 2014

SEATTLE2Last week Elizabeth and I headed out to the Left Coast to work on a super secretive project, more to be revealed later. We spent a great deal of time in both Portland and Seattle and everywhere in between and now we have a hundred things to tell you about over the summer. So, lets start with a little bit about Seattle. It is a city full of modern buildings and modern attitudes. Like most new metropolises there is a lot of gray, tan, glass and some black in all the modern structures. It was quit a surprise to come across Frank Gehry’s amazing, colorful 140,000 square foot EMP Museum dedicated to contemporary popular culture. The building houses multiple galleries, the sky church, the largest indoor LED screen, interactive activities, the Sound Lab and the largest collection in the world of rare artifacts, handwritten lyrics and personal images celebrating the music and history of Seattle musicians, Nirvana and Jimmi Hendrix. It was an amazing structure to see in person. If you are ever in the Pacific Northwest, PNW to those who know, definitely go experience this structure for yourself.

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