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Such a Clever Boy

by David Mitchell on February 23, 2014


Cleverliquid_tape_big_7 liquid_tape_big_3 liquid_tape_big_2 tumblr_n1114wMbBT1qhymn9o1_1280 liquid_tape_big_1 Liquid_Black_White_3_41 Liquid_Black_White_4 kouichi-okamoto-kyouei-design-liquid-tape-cutter-work-designboom-03 tumblr_n1114wMbBT1qhymn9o4_500

Product designer, Kouichi Okamoto is a brilliant product designer. He has come up with this clever idea of a curved edge cutting devise for Duct Tape and he shows us a brilliant way to use it creating the illusion of drip art.

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