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The Big Gay Post

by David Mitchell on June 26, 2012

As everyone knows the month of June is Gay Pride month and this has been an outstanding month of pride.

First off, 3 outstanding men.

We all know Neil Patrick Harris from his role in ‘How I met your Mother’ playing Barnie Stinson; the womanizing, playboy lawyer with a badass suit closet and this year Neil’s outstanding performance as the host of the 2012 Tony awards, the man can definitely sing and dance. But, most of all he is an outstanding gay man sharing his life with his partner David Burtka and their 2 children, Harper and Gideon. He is the guy that everyone loves weather you are gay or straight; there is no denying that Neil Patrick Harris is an outstanding man.

Brian Sims is a former Bloomberg University football captain who led his team to a division II championship game. He then became an attorney, activists and now is set to become the first openly gay state legislator for the state of Pennsylvania. Brian sets an excellent example that when you work hard and you believe in what you are doing you can make a difference.

Matt Bomer is a young actor who never makes a big deal about his life he shares his life with partner, Simon Halls and their three boys, Kit, Walker and Henry. He has never had to ‘come out’ because he was never in. He has a hit TV show White Collar and is in one of this summers most talked about movies, Magic Mike. He is so respected that the website Park and Bond chose him as one of their ‘fathers of the year.’ Matt is not an outstanding gay man he is just an outstanding man.

Last week Elizabeth and I had the opportunity to check in with the guys that are building the new social media site, Socially Gay. This site is going to be amazing! The idea of the site is that it connects gay people together for activities, sports, life, business and fun. The team Brad, Sarah, Nathan, Michelle, Matt and Steffen are an amazingly talented group of people that are developing something new and different. I am lucky enough to be the style and design director for Socially Gay’s Blog. There is a sign up page already up and the full site should be live by mid September.

Make sure to sign up for Socially Gay

Larry Kramer’s groundbreaking play, The Normal Heart, is about exposing the AIDS crisis. This performance is now playing at the Arena Stage in Washington DC starring, Patrick Berren and Luke Macfarlane. This powerful production should not be missed and will be at Arena Stage until July 29, 2012.

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