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Smithsonian Craft Show 2012, What We Saw At The Show

by David Mitchell on May 10, 2012

It was another great year for the Smithsonian Craft Show with lots of returning artist and 43 new artists who were showing for the first time. Here are just some of my favorites…

The amazing carved wood sculptures by, Hunt Clark, were captivating and the bleached surface of the wood was unbelievably beautiful. I cannot wait to place one of these pieces in clients home.

 I could stare at these things for an hour and try and figure out how Daniel Keith made them. They were all beautifully executed.
I loved the whimsical forms of Dan Mirer’s work in glass.

My favorite potter returned for his second showing and introduced his new darker glazes. Olen Hsu is a master of porcelain and I was very good, I only bought five pieces.

Teresa Chang returned to the Smithsonian Craft Show after a couple years absence. Her functional pottery and ethereal glazes are always creates a beautiful tabletop.

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