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A Love Letter to Frank

by David Mitchell on February 27, 2013



If you have not yet seen my friend designer, Frank Babb Randolph’s beautiful cover and editorial spread in the March-April issue of Veranda magazine you are missing out. Franks house is so gracious, so classic and so beautiful and most of all it is so elegant. I find there is such a lack of elegance in today’s world, it seems down right provocative.

You see, I secretly have a crush on Frank Randolph. He is truly one of the last great men with grace and style left in today’s fast pace and oh so too modern world. One of my favorite memories of Frank is running in to him at the Design Center when he was showing clients some upholstery. Frank was simply dressed in a cotton khaki suit with very classic Belgian loafers and with lavender cashmere socks, just the chicest thing I had seen. And I hate to admit I spent the next three weeks in dire search of lavender cashmere socks.

Recently I ran into Frank in Palm Beach. We were both checking out the latest finds on Dixie Highway in West Palm. The friend I was with just gushed, Who is that handsome man? As I replied to my friend Jack, Oh, that’s Frank Randolph, the classiest man in Washington.

Congratulations, Frank.

Much Love,

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