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Sanborn Canoe Company

by David Mitchell on September 3, 2015


This week we started installing a clients’ house on Gibson Island.  We wanted the house to have a modern lodge look. So we chose to use a series of decorative paddles from the Sanborn Canoe Company as art in the great room.

When cousins Todd Randall and Zak Fellman turned their summer hobby of handcrafting kayak, canoe, and stand paddles into one of the most celebrated and sought after heritage brands, their craftsmanship and dedication made their paddles collectors items all over the world from watermen to loft  dwellers. They learned about woodworking from their grandfather as well as from their summers spent in canoe country in Minnesota. Their paddles are constructed from strips of wood made of cherry, ash, cedar and black walnut. Their Artisan series paddles feature colorful patterns of arrows, crosses and stripes that have been influenced by Native American art and camp lodges from the Great Lakes region. Each paddle is a functional piece of art. So the next time you are in their neck of the woods head down Little Trout Valley Road and check out their workshop. It’s worth the trip, and they’re really nice guys.


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