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A Note From Amsterdam

by David Mitchell on June 6, 2012

My sister, Rachel, is traveling in Europe at the moment. I thought I would share…

Hi you two,

First day was walking and looking at shops. Took lots of pictures in the 9, which is the main shopping area. Some of food stores, some clothing. Took a boat ride through the canals, great shots there. Cynda and Gabs are taking the pictures for me, which I can use to send to you guys. The bikers are crazy here. More bikes in this city than any I’ve seen before. Parents ride around with kids on handlebars, on wooden carts, on the back. You are in more danger of being run over by a bike than a car.

Actually, Cynda will be sending you a bunch of pictures today. They will be separate emails. This way you can tell me it this is what you are looking for.

The place we are staying in is interesting. Build in 1560 and sits on the Singel canal.

More later…


Part 2
Cynda sent you dinner pictures. Amazing board. They sat the board on the table and we looked at each other and said “picture for David” – Smoke trout with pickled cucumber slices, smoke salmon with passion fruit sauce, grilled sirlon, salami from Bologna, manchego cheese, small grilled bread. What we did not take a pic of was the 3 types of french fries and the lamb burger that Chris had.


Part 3

Left the apt at 1 today and just got back. We walked everywhere! Pictures from around the home of the queen and the square around the castle, french fires the street food of city, area where main museums are located, great cake shop where cakes are on each table, inside Apple store – only staircase. Also IAMsterdam sign by the museums. Cool sign. Everyone slept until 1  today since it was raining. When we left it had completely cleared. The area around the museum was really beautiful, but it looks like someplace I have seen before, but cannot place it.

Ended up in new the Starbucks, which looks better in pictures than in person.

More tomorrow.


Part 4


Visited the Van Gogh museum today – definitely worthwhile. On the way say these interesting light fixtures, pictures on way to you. Spent a good 3 hours in the museum. They did a great job showing the progression of his work. We have just about walked the entire city at this point. Everyone was so tired that we stopped for a drink then headed back to make dinner in the apartment.

Biking absolutely crazy. When crossing the street you have to look for bikers, not cars, and occasionally the tram.

Not sure of our plans today, but leave for Antwerp tomorrow.


Part 5

Spent most of day at Central Station validating train tickets for trip to Antrewp and Bruge tomorrow. Sending photo of the commuter parking at train stations – explains the bike thing here.
Also sending photo of pedal saloon – leave it to Europeans to figure out how to drink and not gain weight! Early dinner tonight and then a last walk around the area before heading out tomorrow morning. Since we are taking a very long, local, train ride should have photos to send when we get into Bruge.


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Annette June 6, 2012 at 10:21 am

Love the pics!! Why is it that nearly every picture on a European vacation is inspirational?? Great post.


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